We are a non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over Uganda.

IIVCOF Uganda is a non-Government Organization that started way back in 2018 in Iganga District Uganda. It started as a Community Based Organization (CBO) by a small group of Community Development Volunteers (CDVs), to bring Development and enhance the lives of vulnerable persons in the area. This was done through skilling and empowering them to live a life Based on the philosophy of self-reliance and contribution to the development of their Area

Following the outbreak of the COVID19 virus and Corona disease pandemic late 2019 in Uganda, it increased the levels of vulnerability amongst the communities hence prompting the Community Development Volunteers to come up with an idea of Registration the Organization /company to officially support the vulnerable communities.

It is on this note therefore that Integrated Initiative for Vulnerable Communities and Orphans Foundation LTD (limited by guarantee) was incorporated with limited liability Reg no: H0020005220300 on the 13th day of August the year 2021 under Section 18(3) of the companies Act 2012 hence becoming a fully registered company.

IIVCOF is steered by a Board of Directors (BOD) who set policy and guidelines to allow for the operation of the secretariat.  IIVCOF Secretariat is headed by the executive Director and assisted by experienced and qualified programs, M&E, financial management teams. The staff are experienced in project planning, policy analysis, evaluation and use of several change approaches.

Our Core Values Explained

IIVCOF adopts the following values for the organization to provide a frame work of how staff, members and other stake holders interact, value work and clients, a framework for achieving the vision, increasing organizational effectiveness and to uniquely differentiate IIVCOF from other organizations and institutions.

    • Transparency and Accountability.
    • Mutual respect.
    • Commitment.
    • Partnership.
    • Solidarity
    • Volunteerism.
    • Integrity
    • Confidently

Guiding principles;

  • Utilization of local wisdom and resources.
  • Encouragement of innovation and creativity.
  • Prioritizing quality.
  • Enhancing, coordination and networking

Our organization has been present for 4+ years. We make the best for vulnerable communities.

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We equip, rehabilitate, counsel, and train domestically violated families to become healthy-minded, united, self-sufficient in working together to keep the family strong and peaceful. for better and positive changes “united we stand divided we fall”


Creating rehabilitation and recovery center for parents and children respectively.this is where children will be moved from to schools,adults will get skills .paying school fees in school of their choices, and paying a monitoring teacher to watch the child’s progress.


The charitable support from well wishers enables us to provide educational, health and financial/economic support to the victims of broken families, we intend to extend the support to all the affected families in future.